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Job Summary

Do you want a job that allows you to work with your hands and provides daily challenges and problem-solving opportunities? We are looking for smart, organized candidate to take responsibility for success. You will have the chance to learn about and help all parts of the production process, and form networking connections with department managers, customers, and vendors. We expect every member of our team to contribute hard work, creative solutions, and a positive attitude, and we offer excellent compensation for your talent and passion. Come join our team and enjoy an exciting job in a fast-paced environment while building your resume and working toward the next step in your career.


Job ResponsIbilities

  • Assist during the production process daily, performing numerous tasks as needed including distributing production schedules, coordinating between departments, reviewing staffing tables, and ensuring adequate material availability.

  • Facilitate production efficiency by reviewing orders and resource allocation and revising production schedules when necessary to account for design changes, engineering issues, input from management, material shortages, work backlogs, or other issues.

  • Expedite overall production during every shift by managing shipping/receiving of materials, distribution of supplies, assembly of new equipment, and completion of repairs when necessary.

  • Perform scheduled quality checks, inspections, and tests at the end of each production cycle by examining documents, products, materials, and work processes for efficiency, accuracy, and conformance to specifications and safety standards.

  • Gather and record relevant production data during every shift and create detailed reports of production rates, inventory levels, raw materials used, quality control measures, and customer data.

  • Clean and maintain production area daily according to established safety ordinances and documented standards.

  • Communicate with vendors, management personnel, customers, and technical experts as necessary to coordinate production and shipping activities and resolve issues efficiently.


Job Skills & Qualifications


  • High school diploma and at least one year manufacturing experience, plus willingness to complete on-the-job training

  • Strict adherence to deadlines and ability to work independently

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications, email, and web-based applications

  • Excellent communication skills, including ability to resolve conflict calmly



  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Familiarity with all aspects of production manufacturing process

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