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Job Summary

J-Squared Productions is on the lookout for a visual creative. A muse, a mentor, a mastermind—someone who can lead cross-functional teams across films and branded entertainment Part artist, part are well versed in the art of creative ideation, but brave enough to encourage out-of-the-box visual thinking. Both a delegator and a doer, you will be directly responsible for driving vision across film projects and working closely with directors and creatives to craft both impactful and visually stunning narratives. 


Job ResponsIbilities

  • Build and lead creative across branded entertainment & film projects from concept to finish

  • Explore cutting edge visual angles through design, cinematic storytelling, and visual experimentation to create brand new methods of storytelling

  • Spearhead innovation and tech-driven approach to filmmaking to keep up with the ever-changing content creation and cinematic landscape

  • Communicate effectively when taking your idea on a journey. From client to creatives, from colorists to composers—you have the ability to translate a film ideas across many teams that play a part in bringing it to life.

  • Create post production briefs to guide and ideate with post creatives. (i.e. color, editing, sound design and/or animation briefs) as and when required

  • Translating briefs from clients into digestible roadmaps for creative teams

  • Oversee & craft treatment when and as needed to ensure quality of craft for director presentations

  • Making sure all work is conceptually in line with the campaign’s objectives and client expectations

  • Templetizing design driven processes for speed and optimization

  • Experimenting with up and coming (or old!) visual routes and getting inventive with art driven storytelling


Job Skills & Qualifications

  • An ideal candidate is a hybrid of traditional advertising, but also a film director (or aspiring to be one)—with a well-developed eye for cinematic craft.

  • 3-5 years of experience in visual storytelling a.k.a. art direction and graphic design

  • Has knowledge & ability to craft visuals across multiple film formats ex. episodic content, documentaries, commercials, music videos, as well as social content

  • Client facing pitch & presentation skills

  • Ability to play both a doer and a delegator. Make no mistake, this role requires you to put pen to paper and come up with work that is just as compelling in deck format as it is when just an idea

  • Know-how of Google Slides & Adobe Suite (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

  • Ability to think creatively both in terms of big ideas and small, scrappy projects


Are you the creative genius we've been searching for!? Submit your app and LFG!

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